Healing in Healthcare

In many healthcare facilities patients are often restricted to their room and the confinement of their bed. This may be due to physical, cognitive, emotional or psychosocial needs. With the many diverse needs of each individual patient, words are not always enough. 

With "Healing in Healthcare" Molly offers bedside sessions to meet the needs of the individual. These sessions may include dance/movement therapy, therapeutic music, and/or reminiscence and life review. Reiki Energy Healing is also included in this service.


Individuals receiving care in nursing homes, assisted livings, hospitals and in hospice, home hospice and homecare can benefit from the use of non-verbal expression within a more holistic, organic, and energetically healing environment. 

Reiki Energy Healing


Reiki Energy Healing provides a reduction in agitation, pain, anxiety, and stress. Reiki sessions offer an opportunity to reconnect the body, mind, and spirit.


Home-based Reiki sessions are also offered to individuals for palliative care, hospice, and pain management for chronic illness. 

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