Creative Arts Therapy

Dementia Care

Music Therapy and Dance/movement therapy (DMT) are the psychotherapeutic use of music and movement to promote emotional, social, cognitive, and physical integration of the individual, for the purpose of improving health and well-being.

Molly facilitates creative arts therapy groups for older adults, residents in assisted living facilities, and memory care communities. Creative arts therapy groups offer a structured, yet fluid movement and musical space that offers the opportunity for clients to sing, dance, and express themselves in both verbal and non-verbal outlets. Recorded music, percussive instruments, dance scarves, and other materials are incorporated for reminiscence, relaxation, and orientation to person, time, and place. 

End-of-Life Care

Molly provides individual sessions with those living with chronic illness, receiving palliative care and/or hospice care. Molly offers a safe, comfortable, and sacred space for both the individual and their loved one through movement, therapeutic touch, music, and vibrational sound. Creative arts therapy in end-of-life care can range from music listening and songwriting, legacy dancing to healing movement circles, reminiscence, and non-verbal expression.  

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