Healing Arts @Home

Healing Arts @Home offers distance in-home music, movement, and energetic healing arts from the comfort of our own home! This service is offered to hospice, homecare, older adults, and memory care

Each modality offers a 30 minute online Zoom session for individuals that minimally leave their homes, prefer to receive a service without direct in-person contact, and are interested in the benefits of music, movement, and reiki healing without the high price tag. Simply set up your laptop or tablet in a comfortable location in your home, and sing-along to your favorite reminiscent music, dance and move your body with a mindful, meditative perspective, or allow yourself to accept distance energy healing to align your chakras and calm your mind.

If you are interested in these services for yourself, a loved one, or a assisted living or memory care resident, please fill out this form, and we will be in touch shortly to schedule your appointment!

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